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We offer big discounts on our MSRP prices for distributors all over the world.

Discounts scale based on the volume of your orders. We don't need set high minimum orders. A flexible pricing structure allows you to start with lower volume and scale up as your sales grow. Long-term thinking.


We like long-term partnerships, not "quick wins". Partnerships take time and effort.

We aim to work with a single distributor in each country, including distributors who cover multiple regions.

We hope this gives you confidence and security. We're in it for the long haul. It's more fun being successful together.


We provide our partners with access to all our marketing content to use on their online stores, social media or offsite marketing.

This could include images, video, testimonials, case studies, brochures and more.

We can even build websites and help plan your marketing content.


We can supply distributors from multiple warehouse locations including Dubai and China.

We get stock to Asia and Europe much faster this way, improving lead times to you and your customers.

As Jeff Bezos famously said (paraphrasing) - "We know our customers will always want low prices and fast delivery."

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VIRTUS Fitness is an Australian Owned company, with offices in Melbourne and Dubai, UAE.

We specialise in High Performance, Long-Lasting Gym Equipment and Flooring - at Affordable Prices.

Rather than selling our products direct to consumers, we rely on Distributors in Fast Growing Markets to import and sell our products to their customers.

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